4-CD Set


89.95 !

  This Massive Package contains over 2000 MB+ of  files on 4 CDS!!!
   item 1- OVER 4,000+ Premium PSD HTML FLASH  Mixed Theme Templates

   item 2- Dirty Plates Vol. 1 Templates 13pc Unique Grunge Styles ($99.00 value)
   item 3- 300+ FAST Loading Templates Elegant/Classic Styles ($69.00 value)
   item 4- 32 Professional Scripts ($300.00 value)
   item 5- FREE Search Engine Submission Software ($19.95 value)
   item 6- FREE Domain Appraisal Software ($19.95 value)
   item 7- 332 Company Jpeg Logos Good Quality !  ($89.95 value)
   item 8- HTML Editor Software.
   item 9- HTML Encryption Software.($39.95 value)
   item 10- Professional Cover Graphics (CD/Ebook/Box Covers)  ($49.00 value)
   item 11- Over 950 Java, ASP, PHP, DHTML, FLASH Scripts ($200+ value)
  item 12- 4,000+ Animated Gifs for Website ($89.00+ value)
  item 13- 450 Flash Design in a Box ($14.99 value)
  item 14- 32,000+  Clip art, Buttons, Bullets, lines, Background Images ($100+ value)
  item 15- 350 Quality Banners
  item 16-  9,448+ A-Z Fonts
  item 17- 40+ Web Design Tutorials and Manuals !
  item 18- Paylock Generator Professional Software (Accept Paypal Payments Online)

  item 19 - 100 Fully complete & ready to edit Flash Websites in FLA Format
  item 20 - 100 complete & ready to edit  Flash Intros in FLA Format
  item 21 - 100 complete & ready to edit Pieces of "eye candy" really cool flash effects
                          and animations in FLA Format
  item 22 - 100 complete & ready to edit  Flash Menus in FLA Format
  item 23 - 100 complete & ready to edit  Flash Sound Loops & Sound FX Format
  item 24 - 100 complete & ready to edit  Flash "Special Effects" in FLA Format
   item 25 - 100 complete & ready to edit  Flash Banners in FLA Format
  item 26 - 125 complete & ready to edit  Flash PreLoaders in FLA Format
item 27 - 100 complete & ready to edit  Flash Mouse Trailers in FLA Format
  item 28 - 100 complete & ready to edit  Flash Forms (Chat Rooms, Guestbooks)in FLA Format
  item 29 -  25 complete & ready to edit  Flash Animated Backgrounds in FLA Format

We have added the largest Software & Ebooks collection to our package!
Over   $ 6,567.00  in commercial value !

  item 30- US$ 1,867 Webmaster SOFTWARE Package ! ($1867 commercial resell value!)
  item 31-  US$ 4,700  Webmaster EBOOK Package ! ($4,700 commercial resell  value!)
  item 32- 6,000+ FREE TO SELL PAK   E-Books, Software, Information material...

All resources you need to get websites up and running !

FOUR  (4) CDS that contains over 67,700 Website Templates, Logo , Webmaster Software tools, Gifs, Fonts, Flash, Banners, Clip art, Buttons, Bullets, lines, Background Images, Animations, Tutorials, Scripts, Software, Ebooks and programs to make your new or existing
Web Development Business a Success !


Preminum Photoshop/HTML Templates with .psd files which
can be customized with Adobe Photoshop.

 Templates comes with HTML files that can be open with HTML
editing software like Frontpage or Dreamweaver.  The remaining few
templates are .psd files that can easily be converted to full HTML.

Examples 1
    Examples 2     Examples 3     Examples4
Flash 1    Flash 2    Flash 3    Flash 4

4,000+ Mixed Themed PSD, HTML FLASH Templates
        (PHOTOSHOP PSD, HTML, FLASH + images)

With The FULLY Editable Flash Files! FLA's
and others even include CSS files, Sub-Pages and  FULL SITES!

Examples 1    Examples 2     Examples 3     Examples4
Flash 1    Flash 2    Flash 3    Flash 4





8 Totally Unique Web Template Designs In a Variety of Styles
These sell for up to $29.95 EACH on EBAY!!!

Below are examples of templates that you will receive when purchasing this package!

1 Page Tempate

6 Page Template

5 Page Template

6 Page Template

6 Page Template

1 Page Template

1 Page Template

1 Page Template
These pictures are low resolution and the actual templates are a much higher quality.

5 FREE Bonus Web Templates
Below are examples of other templates that you will receive when purchasing this package!

4 Page Template

3 Page Template

1 Page Template

1 Page Template

12 Page Templates

300+ Fast Loading Templates! Simple/Elegant/Classic Styles
When Speed is of the essence use one of these great templates!



Banner Exchange Script
Banner Exchanges still produce traffic for web sites, and that's just what they were designed to do.
YourBay Online auction Script Of course, that's not really the name of it but I think you get the idea. Open your own online auction (and sell the products you purchase here) or sell the script itself!
Website Hosting  Script If you're considering leasing out a portion of your web server to other webmasters, then you may want to look at this script. With features like users can delete files, rename files, upload files and register for space combined with admin abilities to delete/add users and set user space allotments, this script may answer your needs.
Postcard Script
With features like option to pick which picture you want to send, add your own comment, preview the card prior to sending, recipient receives an e-mail notifying them of the postcard, and even more, it's hard to go wrong with this one!
Popup Exit Exchange  Script With a user friendly administrative interface, you can customize rejection e-mails, set the exchange ratio of your choice, e-mail individual, multiple or all members, ban an IP address or an entire IP address range, and much more! This baby even comes with an advanced onboard search engine, making the search of your database, a breeze! On top of that, you can sell the sites you make or the script!
Affiliate Master Script Once you have a product to sell there is no better way to sell it than starting an affiliate program for it. And when you have an affiliate program, why not automate it? That's the purpose of this quality script.
Thumbnail Gallery Post Script This is one of the scripts we bought, along with the rights to it. This script has created an automatic TGP service that automatically adds the approved galleries once per day and easily manages newly submitted galleries, this script will update your daily galleries and even post your previous submitted galleries. Built in codes to co-brand other webmasters who want to integrate your TGP listing and Add URL page to their page instantly and very easy. Note: This script was written for 'adult-services' type site to utilize. However, I really feel that a photographer or online art gallery could put this to use. retails for $75.00 !
Automatic PICTURE POST Script Picture Post service is one of the biggest traffic builders in service, because the content is updated daily and most visitors will return again and again. Popular Picture Post sites are getting 1-3 million visitors a day and common Picture Post sites are getting 30 thousands to 1 million visitors a day. Because Picture Post services must be updated daily, the time of reviewing and inserting of submitted pictures needs a lot of effort and it's very time consuming. An AUTOMATIC Picture Post service that automatically adds the approved pictures everyday and easily manages newly submitted pictures. retails for $75.00
Stealth Cloaker  Script

The idea behind STEALTH CLOAKER is that you have two types of entrance pages on your web site. You have the kind you want search engines to see and the kind you want everyone else to see. You show the web surfer a different page than the search engine. That's a simplified version of what this script does. The possibilities behind this script are limited only by one's imagination.
Server Info Script  Install it and then surf to it in your browser. It will provide you with all of your server info on a single page. Ideal if you host web space. Provide a link to the page this script produces and all information anyone needs to install a script is right there!
Bandito  Script Are you familiar with leechers? Leechers are other web site owners who host downloads, yet do not want to tie up valuable web server space to upload said downloads, to their own servers. So, they link directly to your downloads from their sites. Install Bandito and the leecher (if he even bothers testing the download) will immediately be redirected to a site or URL of your choice.
Doorways Script Do you have a product that would sell well on a 'doorway page'? Install this script and be able to offer your customers/visitors the opportunity to create a single doorway page, easily and on your server (you can dump it anytime). I've not installed but it comes with a single .cgi script and an e-mail .dat file. Seems simple enough!
eZine Manager Pro  Script This one would definitely have some potential, provided that you run your own eZine of course! For those that do, it appears to be a detailed, multi-page .php script that could be just what you're looking for!
Pass-O-Matic Script So, you're in need of a simple, yet effective script that will permit you to offer registration, for password protected entry into one particular directory? This is one such script that claims to do the trick. I've seen it in action so I know it works. In .cgi format, it's simple in operation. Rarely do you see such a simple (two files) script offer registration as well.
PryTracker  Script This scripts main purpose is to let visitors and yourself know that someone has tried to enter a directory that you don't want them to have access to. Most servers require that your directory files are not exposed. PryTracker will e-mail you the details of an unauthorized visitor trying to take a peek at your directories. The script also writes the attempts to the PryTracker.txt file, just incase your e-mail is not working! Two files make this a simple but extremely useful script!
SpamCruncher Script Sick and tired of the dreaded spam bots and the spammers who utilize them? Install this very small, one-file script and despair no longer! Effective tool in combatting the single largest nuisance since the invention of the internet!
And MANY MORE............

Free Serve
ProForma Script
MultiHost Script
SiteShield Script
CoolEmail Script
PHP Error 404 Catcher Script
Shopping Cart Script
Ultimate AdTraker

Browser Buddy
ClickBank Total Protection Script
ClickBank Search Script
Internet Connection Speed Checker Script
Site FireWall Script
Site Arrive Check Script
Autoresponder Script
Traffic PHP



Easy to use Web Site Submission software. 
Works with all current major search engines!





Domain Name Appraisal Software gives an estimate
of what you domain names could be worth!

Companies currently charge anywhere from $10 to $50 to appraise domains.  You can do the same with this software. 
Very Cool!  You can even print out a certificate stating how much the domain is worth!






The Html Encryptor can quickly and effectively encrypt your entire website or just one page.

Create backups as you encrypt and preserve your precious Meta Tags and Coding to edit later!

Keep others from viewing your source code!

Prevent printing, offline viewing, caching, disable right clicking, text selection, hide your links, and you can even choose what you want it to say in the status bar!


  9,448+ Fonts
Packed with over largest collection of PC compatible fonts.
This huge selection of truetype and postscript fonts for
your use in your web design.


   Professional Cover Graphics (CD-ROM/Ebook/Box Covers )
                   & Template Headers Fully Resizable +resell
($49.00 value)



    Over 950 Java, ASP, PHP, DHTML, FLASH Scripts   ($200 value)


   32,000+  Clip art, Buttons, Bullets, lines, Background Images
              4,000+  ANIMATED GIFS

Each design comes with different text / size adjustable.
Use it for your website as a button and/or picture logo.




  450 Flash Design Templates in a Box

You receive as a Bonus - High Quality Animated Gifs for your web page design.

Each design comes with different text / size adjustable.
Use it for your website as a button and/or picture logo.


  350 Quality Banners

You receive as a Bonus - High Quality Banners for your web page design.

This is a massive collection of other standard graphics
which can be used as buttons or just plain banners! 

   Paylock generator Professional Software


You receive
Amazing Easy-To-Use Software Instantly Generates
Secure PayPal Buttons On The Fly... Right From Your DeskTop!

Encrypt Your PayPal Buttons In A Single Click... Eliminating Digital Theft And Protecting Your Profits!

No More Wasted Time Logging Into PayPal Just To Create Or Edit Your Buy Buttons!

In total this MEGA Collection contains over
2000 MB+
of zipped files on 4 CDS !




We have added the largest SOFTWARE & EBOOK collections to our package!

  SPECIAL OFFER $1867 Webmaster SOFTWARE Package !     ($1867 commercial resell value!)

You be getting the Following Commercial
Webmaster Tools Software
valued at $1,867.00

All commercial software. 

  3 minute Headline Creator v2.0 by Maurice Smith.   Retail value: $27.00

Internet Marketer Discovers A Simple Way To Type In A Few Words, Click A Button And Instantly Create Over 100 Headlines In Less Than 3-Minutes! This Simple Little Tool Creates Over 100 Headline Combinations All With A Single Click"
What is the #1 most important part of all your marketing on the Internet?
It's your headline! Think about this for a minute. How do people reach you on the Internet?

  Affiliate Armor.  Retail value: $29.97

Guard your affiliate commissions and prevent others from taking them without your knowledge! Introducing a breakthrough in affiliate protection! If you want to receive every commission dollar you deserve from your promotions, then protect them with Affiliate Armor. Website NOT included.

  Affiliate Pagemaker v.1  Retail value: $27.95

A software utility to create Search Engine friendly Affiliate Pages. This software is exclusively developed for Affiliate Marketers. You can use this simple tool to create Affiliate Pages with your Affiliate URL/Referral Links and promote any affiliate programs. This software has a built-in Affiliate Link Encrypter to ensure affiliate protection.

   Affiliate Defender v1.0  Retail value: $34.95

Avoid Losing Thousands in Stolen Affiliate Commissions in Less Than 5 Minutes Affiliate Defender CLOAKS Your Affiliate Links So No One Can Steal From You!

Big-time cloaking and encryption that shuts down almost all affiliate theft by hiding your affiliate links from prying eyes!

Incredible ease and speed...setup your "cloaked" affiliate links in less than 2 minutes with instructions even newcomers can follow!

  Autoresponder Unlimited 2.0   Retail value: $34.95

Now you can have your own, easy to install Autoresponder complete with a turnkey website! 

Autoresponder Unlimited is the number one choice of website owners who want to take control of their online operations. This Product has the same power features of the other expensive autoresponder services. But our price is the difference. Big savings means more money in your pocket. Save as much as $200.00 to $1,000.00 a year and make money with the FULL Resell Rights that we Offer.

Use on Unlimited Number of Domains. You can put our autoresponder to work for you even on your free-hosted web pages.

   Amazing Web Tools by Marcus Yong. (Package)   Retail value: $47.97

All the tools you need  to create, maintain, promote,
protect, and transform your website into an eye popping master piece. 12 power full tools

    BackUp Pro      Retail value: $ 9.95

Backup Pro is a easy to use backup program...You can use the built in timer to schedule a back-up in for any time you wish. Backup Pro Can back-up any amount of folders and files,  that are anywhere on your system Backup Pro can copy the files to another location and zip them if you wish.

     Banner Buddy     Retail value: $ 9.95

Quickly Generate Banner/Text Link HTML!

With a few mouse clicks,  you can turn text and graphics into "clickable" links to your web site.
HIDE affiliate links while visitors do "mouse
overs".  Also creates text under  the banner.
Easily creates text links as well.

  Create PopUps in 2  1/2 Minutes! by Armand Morin. (PopUp Generator)   Retail value: $ 34.95

Simple To Use Software Makes Creating Popups So Easy, A Child Can Do It! If You Ever Wanted To Use The Power of PopUps, This Software Is For You!

  Countdown Creator by Ron Cowart    Retail value: $16.95

Imagine searching the web for that product or service you desperately need. Your favorite search engine then locates just what you've been looking for and you visit the page.

As you read the details, you come across a message that tells you you only have a certain about of time to act on their Special Offer or lose out forever.

You also notice that the time they give you is slowly getting less and less as the hours and minutes tick away. Well ... it's act now or lose out on that 'humdinger' of a deal.

Now, thanks to Countdown Creator, you can have that very same effect for your service or product. This program will countdown from the amount of time you choose! You have complete control over the font size, color, face, and the amount of time left before your special expires!   Website NOT included.

ClickBank Calculator    Retail value: $9.97

Find out exactly how much you will profit after ClickBank takes out their fees and your affiliates are paid, per sale!

If you are an affiliate marketer you will be able to find out exactly how much your commission will be per sale on any product you're promoting through ClickBank.

Makes it easy to calculate how much you will make with both paying an affiliate and not paying an affiliate per sale, after all...you do promote your own products don't you!

How much does ClickBank REALLY get out of each sale made? Well, this software will let you know in just seconds.

     Checker - Check Printing Software by Cash-In.net      Retail value: $14.95

With this program you WILL be able to accept checks by...FAX, PHONE, EMAIL and YOUR WEBSITE!
Get check payments right after your auction ends! 
Now more expensive preprinted bank checks,
print your own personal checks! 
Easy to use! 
Use any in
kjet or laser printer! 

   Deadline generator  Retail value: $12.95

Give visitors to your website the incentive to follow your 'Buy Today' prompt with a deadline date that changes automatically, each and every day.

All you have to do is complete two fields, click our mouse button once to generate the code and once to copy it. Then, simply paste the code into your HTML, where you want the date to appear on your web page and you're done!
NO upkeep - NO changing this or that.

Just enjoy the increased business this program is sure to send your way! Website NOT included

    Dynamic Pricing Generator 2.1 by John Deavera    Retail value: $27.00

You place an item for sale at your online store. You write a really great description filled with all those powerful words to get people to take action right now.

You price your product just right and you add the PayPal "Pay Now" button.
And then...  Nothing.

Oh, a few sales trickle in, but you're light years away from turning a profit. So you tweak your sales pitch and even offer a free bonus if people will just pay now.

  • It's a specially designed software that generates an encrypted code you insert into your HTML pages where you want to display your dynamic price .

  • It works with PayPal.

  • You'll download the generator and you'll start creating your dynamic prices - as many dynamic prices you want! 

  • You don't need to have any special skills at all. 

  • It will take only a few minutes to start selling with your dynamic prices and start making dynamic profits

    Defend your Domain    Retail value: $ 9.97

Defend your PayPal against Hackers! If you have a membership site or sell ebooks or software online by direct download then you could be losing hundreds of dollars worth of sales. Perhaps you have noticed that your ebooks have been downloaded more times than you have received payment for?

This e-book will put an end to that. Inside you will find three free solutions to protect your PayPal, search engine rankings and images from being stolen by thieves. Plus as an added bonus we have included, an online auction script written in PERL so you can have your own Ebay, 35 PERL scripts to aid in the complete functioning of your web site, from redirects to contact and database management. Also included is an Active Desktop Wizard, an Active Channel Wizard, a Form Maker Wizard and a Meta Tags Wizard.

       Domain Alarm         Retail value: $14.95

Use Domain Alarm And Know Instantly When Your Website Is Down!

Domain Alarm sits in your system tray and immediately lets you know if your site(s) are not working properly.  Domain Alarm comes with the following features:

  • Can run at startup

  • Can check domains at various intervals

  • Set for multiple domains

  • Popup in your system tray to alert you

  • Sends an email alerting you

   Drop Down Wizard     Retail value: $9.97

Easily Create Drop Down Menus! 

Unbelievable and SUPER easy to use software makes creating a drop down menus a BREEZE!

   Easy Ebook Creator    Retail value: $19.97

A Professional Grade Fully Featured Yet So Simple to Use Ebook Compiling Software... available now at a Ridiculously LOW Introductory Price!

  Easy Site Submitter Retail value: $9.97

Our website submission software makes it easy to submit (and then resubmit each month) your websites to 40 of the top search engines.  Click a button....wait 10 seconds...and you're done.  Don't pay others to do what you can do for yourself! The Software engine Database is constantly updated and always available for FREE so you can rest assured your software submissions are always current!

    Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter by Raymond McNally   Retail value: $9.97

Instantly formatting your ezine ads correctly
New software easily and instantly formats your ezine ads to fit any publishers character length specifics saving you time and frustration...

   Ezy Java PopUps          Retail value: $9.97                                                 

eZy Java Popup Wizard makes it easy to make popups for your website... Simple Copy and Paste!

Small and compact. Extremely easy to use.

Check your options, put in the link to popup and size, then generate the perfect code to copy and paste into your site!

  Ezy Unzip   Retail value: $9.97

It doesn't get much easier than Ezy Unzip!
With two simple steps you can easily unzip any file even if it is password protected!
eZy Unzip is so easy to use anyone, even beginners, will have no problem using it...
Best of all you can Resell eZy Unzip and keep 100% of the Profits!

  Fast Selling Software 1.00 by Adam Woeger.   Retail value: $24.95
(23 useful and valuable programs) 
(software) with sales web page incl.
1) Instant Unzip - Unzipping a ZIP file
2) HTML Compressor - Compress the size of HTML Files (web page)
3) IP Blocker - Protect against pop up spam.
4) Link Evaluator - Checks link popularity of web.
5) Site Submitter - Automatic submitt your site to search engines.
6) Pop Up Zapper - Prevent any pesky Pop-Up Ads from popping.
7) Secret PopUp Maker - Create Pop-Up after person left website!
8) HTML E-mail Link Encrypter - Protect email add. from spammers
9) File Destroyer - Prevent "prying eyes" from recovering files.
10) Internet Explorer Blaster - View & erase ind. cookies in browser
11) MRU Wizard - Scan files & clean up
12) Java Source Machine I - 15 customized JavaScripts.
13) Java Source Machine II - 12 customized JavaScripts.
14) Traffic Wizard - 10 JavaScripts for web to increase traffic!
15) Password Manager - Never forget a Password again!
16) JavaScript Compressor - Removes all unwanted spaces, etc.
17) HTML Encryptor - Encrypts web page so source code is hidden.
18) Fast HTML Remover - Removes HTML Codes from web page.

19) Password Generator - Generate random Password.
20) File Splitter - Breaks large files down into smaller files.
21) HTML Editor - Visual HTML Editor.
22) Picture Gallery Maker - Makes picture gallery web pages
23) Instant Notification - Distribute to website visitors of updates.

  Find Lost Money by Armand Morin.    Retail value: $19.95

This software download was designed for people to be able to find lost money that is owed to them by the government or from wills that they didn't even know existed.

This saves people a ton of money from paying companies to do this for them. Your customers can order this software download and get all the information they need without paying one single company a dime to get it!

   FAQ Factory by Ron Cowart. Retail value: $16.95

Just about every web page you visit these days has an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page ... and with good reason. An FAQ page can save you countless hours of responding to the same old enquiries, time after time.

File Destroyer    Retail value: $9.97                           

Securely delete files from your computer...

Just add files, select how many times the data should be wrote over and shredded before it is permanently deleted from your computer. Powerful and Very easy to use.

    File Splitter   Retail value: $9.97

Can't send a file through email without your account timing out?

File Splitter is a great tool for splitting files to fit onto disks or use in emails. Split it with File Splitter and send it in chunks. Has settings for splitting for floppies, small email, good size email and big files. Or you can choose your custom size.

After splitting you just click Join Files then choose one main file and it puts it back together for you.

  Group Mail It -SoftwarePak     Retail value: $34.95

Easily send emails to members of your email list with this desktop program. This program will also send attachments and clean out duplicate emails.

   HTML Compressor   Retail value: $9.97                                     

Fast and effectively compress html files while preserving your meta tags. HTML Compressor makes it easy to compress your html files.


2 different algorithms to compress files, ZIP (LZSS + Huffman) compress and HTML (LZSS only) compress
3 different compression levels for HTML compress, Fast, Normal, and High
Super fast compression in both algorithms, the decompression process of both ZIP and HTML compress takes almost no time in small files (1 to 30 KB)
Allows password protection of HTML files, this protections doesn't stores
the password, it uses a CRC32 checksum calculation to determine if the password is correct

Program can preserve the meta tags of the HTML file so it can be accessible to search engines
Program can save backups of compressed file in the backup folder
Shows full compression statistics that includes filename, size, packed size and compression ratio

   HTML Encryptor   Retail value: $9.97                                      

This New Software is Fast and will effectively encrypt your entire website or just one page.
Create backups as you encrypt and you can preserve your Meta Tags too!
Keep others from viewing your source code, prevent printing, offline viewing, caching, disable right clicking, text selection, and hide your links, you can even choose what you want it to say in the status bar. Make your site only accessible from a referer.
Protect your PayPal  and Clickbank Codes Too!

This is a Top HTML Encryptor!

   Instant Affiliate Link Masker by David Orme.     Retail value: $34.97

No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant affiliate link masker does the rest for you. Instant affiliate link masker puts more money in your bank account and NOT somebody else's! Makes sure you get credit for your affiliate referrals.

   Instant Bookmark by David Orme.     Retail value: $19.97

No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Easy Bookmark does the rest for you. A simple and easy way for visitors to bookmark your site and come back time and time again. Easy Bookmark automatically adds your site to their browser favorites (Internet Explorer) with just one simple click.

    Instant E-Mail Scramble by David Orme.    Retail value: $34.97

Prevent your email address from being captured, and greatly reduce SPAM! Stop email harvesting in its tracks!

Are you fed up with all the junk email you get? Want to reduce the ever increasing tide of spam? Now you can. Email Scramble hides your email address so email harvesting robots can't find it in your page. The email address can still be read by people visiting your site and works exactly the same way when someone clicks on your email link.

   Instant Meta Maker by David Orme.     Retail value: $34.97

Automatically creates search engine optimized web pages in an Instant! Increase search-engine traffic the easy way!

Boost your search engine ranking and generate more traffic to your site. The easiest way to optimize your web pages to gain high search engine placement. Quickly generate search engine friendly HTML code for your web pages. No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Meta Maker does the rest for you.

   Instant Site Maker by David Orme.     Retail value: $34.97

At last the breakthrough software you’ve been waiting for - Instant Site Maker!

Quickly create stunning web pages in less than 5 minutes. No coding involved, Instant Site Maker automatically creates your web pages for you. No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant Site Maker creates your sales page, thank you page and even automatically creates your ClickBank instant download link.

  Instant Site Safe and Folder Safe by David Orme.    Retail value: $34.97

Protect the integrity of your website - Don't let other sites steal your content.
Additionally you can also protect the content of website folders you wish to remain private from being viewed.
No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant Site Safe does the rest for you.
Automatically protects your site by stopping it from running in a frame on someone else's site.
Code as many pages as you like. Instant Site Safe does all this and more…

   Instant Meta-Tag Creator by Raymond McNally      Retail value: $ 27.00

Builds better search engine placements - With the software you will be able to place the correct and needed information on your website pages that the search engines need to properly place YOUR websites in the higher rankings.

Provides Free traffic to your site - Once you have used the software and gotten listed in the search engines, you will start to see more visitors hitting your website.  People will see your site listed in the engines more which is 100% Free traffic to your site.

Higher conversion rates - When people start finding your site listed in the engines it will be from the keywords you used.  This will bring more targeted visitors to your site making your conversion rate much higher.

   Instant Software Profits       Retail value: $47.00

1) Affiliate Armor
2) HTML Code Guard
3) The Perpetual Traffic Generator
4) Instant Site Maker
5) Instant Email Scramble
6) Instant Affiliate Link Masker
7) Instant Meta Maker
8) Instant Book Mark
9) Paypal Money Making SafeList Script
10) JavaScript magic
11) PopUp Generator

  IE Blaster     Retail value: $9.97

IE Blaster is a Simple and easy to use Internet Explorer Cookie and History cleaner.

This program will clean your Internet Explorer cookies and history, with the option of selecting which cookies to clean

   Instant Notification - Website Monitor      Retail value: $9.97

Instant Notification Lets you know when any Site you choose has been updated. The program checks the server and reports to you automatically.

IP Ad Web Sender   Retail value: $9.97

Send your advertising message to millions of people instantly!
Target your advertisement geographically! Advertising message on someone's screen, the second you send it!

IP Blocker   Retail value: $9.97

The Ultimate Protection against a new type of annoying pop up spam message called IP Ads that can be sent directly to your computer anytime while you are online.

Note: This Program Only works with Windows XP, 2000, or NT! Will not work with other versions.

    Java Source Machine II/Java Script II 

Dynamic Title Bar = Display changing text in a multi-message display on the browser title bar.
Week Day Image = Display new image every day of the week.
Date and Time Stamp = With this script, can have date and time the page was loaded 'stamped' to the page.
No Right Click = Prevent users from 'borrowing' images from your site through right clicking them and save images.
Expanding Window = Opens a small window then expands it vertically and horizontally to fill the screen with new web page.
Random Page = Easy way to instantly sent visitor to a random HTML page.
Browser Information = If your visitor are nor sure details of browser they using, you can show them with this script.
Referrer = Script to show where the visitor came from.
Write and Sl
ide = This status bar scroller scrolls the entire out and then quickly slides out left.
Confirm Entry = Script ask if you want to continue.
Welcome cookie = Make a cookie display a welcoming message to user showing date and time of their last visit.
Marquee = Javascript scrolls information back and forth across the screen-the message appears to float back & forwards.

   Java Script Compressor  Retail value: $9.97

Removes all unwanted spaces, etc

  Java Script Pro - SoftwarePak.   Retail value: $34.97
             (Java Source Machine I)

Make Your Web Pages Come Alive With Our Easy To Use Software!  Push A Few Buttons And Generate Professional Looking Java Scripts For Your Website!

Blur Text - This script creates an eerie aura around your text similar to a motion blur.  A great visual effect!

Multi-Search Engine
- Your visitor can enter in their search term then choose which engine they'd like to search from a drop down menu.

Page Fade In
- Create a GREAT intro for your site!  This script  loads a blank screen and then fades the visitor to the site you're sending them to.

Flying Text
- This script creates a pattern of 8 sets of words to follow as the mouse moves around the screen.

- A great script that allows you to welcome and say goodbye to your visitors!

No SPAM Email
- A script that keeps your email address from being  spidered by those pesky SPAM robots.

Number Countdown
- Create a countdown on your website.  Great for showing when those offers expire!

- Automatically forward your visitors to another page after a given time.

- A great script that allows your visitors to query related terms

Exit Windows
- Make that last sales pitch before your visitor leaves your site.

Auto Pop And Close Window
- Make windows that automatically open, and then close after a given time period

Jumping Text
- A great script sure to grab their attention!

Link Message
- Hide affiliate ID's!  Browsers wont be able to view the REAL link address, but instead the message you put in the status bar.

Typing In Status Bar
- Another attention getting script.  The status bar continuously changes!

Status Bar Wiper
- Another fancy display down in the status bar.

   Key Key 2000      Retail value: $12.95

Have You Ever Lost Hours Of Hard Work   Just Because Your Computer Crashed?  BackUp tool
With KeyKey, when your computer crashes... you experience no frustration, anger or stress...
Data recovery is as easy as a click of a mouse! Just open the KeyKey program, and cut and paste it from your log!

   Link Check Generator by Armand Morin.     Retail value: $37.00

Improves your search engine rankings - If you know how many sites are linking back to you now, you can increase your search engine rankings by simply finding ways to get more people to link to you.

Increases your website traffic - By getting a higher ranking in the search engines under your targeted keywords, you will get more targeted traffic coming to your site. More traffic means more sales.

  Link Evaluator Retail value: $35.00

Do you have a web site?
Have you ever wondered if it was popular?
Have you ever been curious as to how popular a competitor's site is...compared to yours?

Now, thanks to Link Evaluator, there's no need to wonder any longer! (Fast Selling Software)

    Marquee Magic by Ron Cowart.       Retail value: $16.95

Scrolling text, regardless if it's scrolling left, right, up or down, has always proven to be an eye-catcher. And if you have a message that you want to be certain is seen by your site visitors, what better way, without having to install a java applet. Website not included.

    Message Maker by Ron Cowart.      Retail value: $16.95

Have you ever wondered how many orders you've missed out on simply because the customer wasn't certain if the information was current? Wonder no more!
Keeps your message current, regardless of how often you get to the other updates!
It's all automatic! Nothing else to do but place it on your site! Website not included.

  Magic Subscriber      Retail value: $ 67.00

"Easy-To-Use Software Attracts Customers, Creates Cash Flow & Generates Traffic!"
GENERATE MORE TRAFFIC & PROFIT. MagicSubscriber™ reduces the amount of time and money you need to get more customers and sales. It automatically captures your visitors' email addresses WITHOUT them having to fill out a form! This makes it 10x's easier for you to generate targeted traffic and sales. It only takes 2 to 5 minutes to implement -- and the payoff is HUGE.

   Millionaire Maker by Magic King Group       Retail value: $17.00

The Real Money Making Business & website That Sells!
Topics = Quick start, Domain Names, Trademarks, Search Engines, Directories, Website Extreme, Get the Codes, Download Zone, Web Tools, New Builders.

      MRU Wizard      Retail value: $9.97

MRU Wizard is Simple and easy to use program! MRU Wizard will scan your computer for the most recent run files then allows you to choose the ones you want to clean up. Cleans all your most recent run history from your computer. Prevent others from seeing what files you have opened.

      Name Branding Syndicator by Raymond McNally's     Retail value: $19.97

It's definitely a forgotten yet effective marketing method...personal name branding I mean.  The internet marketer and online business own of today's world have totally started to over look this very important method of making more sales.  Now a day, people look more towards getting visitors to their site any way they can and adding people to their lists.

    Pure Profit Software by Brian Winters
complete with sales letter website consisting of the following:

1) "Instant Book mark"
by  David Orme (value $19.97)
2) "Instant Affiliate Link Masker" by David Orme
(value $34.97)
3) "Instant Site Maker" David Orme by
(value $34.97)
4) "Instant Meta Maker" by David Orme
(value $34.97)
5) "Instant E-mail scramble" by David Orme
(value $34.97)
6) "Instant Site Safe & Folder Safe" by David Orme
(value 34.97)
7) "Java Script Magic" by Grey Fisher
(value $34.97)
8) " Create 2 1/2 Pop generator" by Armand Morin
(value $34.95)
9) "Affiliate Defender 1.0" by Jimmy D. Brown's
(value $34.95)
0) "PayPal moneymaking script" (value $34.95)

    People Finder - Software package   Retail value: $9.97

Find People Fast!

If you've used the Internet much, you've undoubtedly tried to look up someone using one of the many websites that allow you to enter a person's name and city then perform a search on their database of information.

    PopKiller v.1.38     Retail value: $9.97
This popKiller can be launched automatically at startup, reside in your system tray
The program not only can kill all pop windows, but also can recover killed windows!
*Windows professionally looking installation program
*100% success rate for killing all kinds of pop-up and pop-under windows
*You can define a keyword list that will allow some web pages pass through the killer
*You can view the list of killed URLs, and re-display them any time with just one-click
*Support all windows platform, can launch automatically at startup, operating within system tray

    PayLock Generator Pro & Standard by Robert Key's    Retail value: $34.95
                    (master resell)

Amazing Easy-To-Use Software Instantly Generates Secure PayPal Buttons On The Fly... Right From Your DeskTop!

Encrypt Your PayPal Buttons In A Single Click... Eliminating Digital Theft And Protecting Your Profits!

No More Wasted Time Logging Into PayPal Just To Create Or Edit Your Buy Buttons!

   Popup Power & Hit Exchanges Combo     Retail value: $27.95

How to really Work the Hit Exchanges
How to Get More Than One Hit per Click
When and Why Not to use Exit Exchanges
Every pop-up and pop-under your website needs
Popup Power Software package
Your own JavaScript Rotator Page
Your own JavaScript Auto-Start Page
"Bookmark This Page" Java Script
Impressive Ways to Close Your Pop-Ups
Advertise for free in these Ezines
Customize your 404 Error Pages
Robots.txt Files - exclude the search engines.

   Profitable Scripts In a Box      Retail value: $34.95

Create your own:
Online Portal, Bookstore, Meta search & Classified Site.

Password Saver & Generator     Retail value: $9.97

Password Saver is great little program for anyone who doesn't want to save there passwords in their browser... Use it to remember and store all Your user ID's and passwords....

     Payment Linker   Retail value: $9.97

Payment Linker will create a custom payment link that can simply be copied and pasted into an email or a web site!  When it is clicked on, the user will be taken to PayPal.com to make the specified payment.

A real time-saver for you or  your customers! The Payment Linker will also remember the information that you entered before so you don't have to keep typing it in each time you need a PayPal link created.

Picture Gallery Maker   Retail value: $9.97

Will easily make Picture Gallery Web pages for your site with the simple wizard interface!

  Picture Perfect      Retail value: $9.97

Picture Perfect is an EASY to use image viewer that won't change all your image file settings!  Just pick the folder to browse and view the images.  Software also comes with a slideshow feature.

     PopUp Zapper   Retail value: $9.97


If you surf the Internet at all (and you must if you're reading this!) I'm sure you have been annoyed by an almost constant barrage of popup windows...

End these annoying popups for good with Popup Zapper!  This little program watches your web browser to prevent any of those annoying Pop-Up Ads from popping up! (Works with Internet Explorer 5 and 6).

Runs hidden in the background & can Start with Windows.


   Redirect Boss       Retail value: $34.95

Create instant redirection scripts. 
No Programming Knowledge Required
Multiple Domains - One Hosting Account
Perfect for Mini-Sites

This easy-to-use tool allows you to quickly create scripts that redirect your visitors to specific areas of your site based on the requested domain name.

        SuperSearch - Software Pak     Retail value: $34.95

This is a great little program. Little in size but big on delivery.

Search MULTIPLE search engines at the same time for what you need.

Search by domain name or keywords, a dozen of the most popular search engines, all at one time

        SoftwarePak HTML Editor         Retail value: $9.97

Build And Edit Your Web Pages With Ease! Create Auction Listings That JUMP OUT At Your Bidders!  Do all Of This And More With SoftwarePak's Html Editor

SoftwarePak's Html Editor can help you develop great looking website and auction sales pages. No need to learn html! The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface is extremely easy to use. Novice page builders will feel like pros in no time!

    Secret PopUpMaker      Retail value: $9.97


Secret Popup Maker is simply the best, easiest to use, as well as makes the most productive popup. Secret Popup Maker will allow you to open a popup on exit 6 seconds to 30 minutes after the surfer has left your site.

   Screen Shoot-It         Retail value: $9.97

Screen Shoot-It is a simple and easy to use program that will easily capture screenshots from your computer.

      Smoking Fast HTML Remover - softwarepak.      Retail value: $9.97

The Smoking Fast Html Remover is a very fast software utility that removes all body html tags and most head tags.  Save your html files easily as txt files.

Thumb Nail It      Retail value: $14.95


Thumb Nail It is a simple, easy to use program to make thumbnailing of entire folders fast and easy...

  • Make thumbnails of images in an entire folder
  • Also rename the images (if selected) at the same time
  • Add a prefix to the thumbnails for creating SE ranking

    Traffic Generating Script     Retail value: $17.97

Three great scripts:
1) To add your site to your visitors favorites folder
2) To make your site the visitors homepage
3) A PHP file that make pop ups and under from list of urls

    Table Wizard    Retail value: $14.95

The Table Wizard makes it easy to make the perfect table. Extremely easy to use. Fill in the blanks, then generate the perfect code to copy and paste into your site! Choose your settings, pick your colors with the color tool. View and/or create!

         Traffic Boost / Traffic Wizard         Retail value: $14.95

10 Scripts to Bring Traffic To Your Website

Break Frames:  If a visitor comes to your site and is looking thru frames, this script will automatically make the page 'Break Out' of frames.

Bookmark Us:  Allow visitors to click one text link to quickly and easily add your site to their 'Favorites'

Email This Page:  Allow your visitors to email the current page to their friends.  They just enter the name and address, it will send a link to the current page in an email message signed by you!  Perfect!

Set Homepage:  Allows you visitors to set your site as their homepage with a click of a link.

Logo Branding:  Have you seen the floating logo on Yahoo Geocities?  How would you like to have your own logo floating in the corner of your site? This script does just that! Awesome!

     Ultimate Ad Tracker Tool 2.1      Retail value: $25.00

Tracking your ads, downloads, affiliate links and more....

Lets you know what is effective in your advertising!

With the Ultimate Ad Tracker v2.1 package you will be able to run your own professional tracking system designed to give you precise statistics on your links!

   Vendomatic      Retail value: $34.95

Vend-O-Matic is designed to automatically create ready-to-use web vending pages that work with Clickbank credit card processing.

All Vend-O-Matic pages are designed to optimize search engine placement and give you a professional and easy-to-use-web vending site your customers are happy to use. Website not included.

Web Radar      Retail value: $9.97

Keep Surfers Coming Back!
Offer internet connection speed testing on your site with Web Radar.  No complicated cgi scripts...simply upload the html page and you're ready to go!
Web Radar supports dialup, DSL, Cable, and any other internet connections.

      WebSite Toll Booth      Retail value: $9.97

Analyze Your Web Traffic like Never Before!

Traffic Toll Booth is an EASY to use/EASY to install website script that gives you all the information about your web traffic that most web hosts don't provide.
The advanced visit logs tell you:
IP Addresses, Language, Browser, Operating System, Is User New To site?, Date and Time, Last Visit, Days Since Last Visit, Referrer Page, Keywords Used To Search.

      WebStats       Retail value: $34.95

How do you know which parts of your business to invest resources into?

You can do what a lot of small business owners do and guess what part of your business 'feels' like it's doing best.

Or you can track statistics on your ONLINE business to be able to determine what is going well and what is not, and how much resources you can devote to promotion to become even more profitable.

    Your Encryption Site       Retail value: $29.95 

Your Encryption Site is a rare & unique website that allows you to encrypt your HTML code! With so many websites being illegally duplicated, webmasters need to protect their investment from code thieves.

With Your Encryption Site, webmasters can easily encrypt their HTML code in seconds! The web browser cannot tell the difference between our encrypted code and the regular HTML, but the human eye cannot decipher the encrypted code. rce code?

Not only can people view the source code of your website easily by clicking on the "view source" in their browser, but they can use that to steal from you. They can take your awesome website design that you spent months creating, and use it for their own by copying your source code.....

and much much more.............

90+   FULL Commercial Resell Rights Software

No Shareware and/or Trial Version!


No Code Title Retail Price $
1 S-A1 3 minute headine creator 2.0 27.00
2 S-A2 Affiliate Armor  29.97
3 S-A3 Affiliate Pagemaker v.1 27.95
4 S-A4 Affiliate Defender v1.0 34.95
5 S-A5 Autoresponder Unlimited 2.0 34.95
6 S-A6 Amazing Web Tools 47.97
7 S-B1 Backup Pro 9.95
8 S-B2 Banner Buddy 9.95
9 S-C1 Create PopUps in 2  1/2 Minutes!  34.95
10 S-C2 Countdown Creator  16.95
11 S-C3 ClickBank Calculator  9.97
12 S-C4 Checker - Check Printing Software 14.95
13 S-C5 Complete Affiliate Link Protection System 16.95
14 S-D1 Deadline generator 12.95
15 S-D2 Dynamic Pricing Generator 2.1  27.00
16 S-D3 Defend your Domain (software) 9.97
17 S-D4 Domain Alarm 14.95
18 S-D5 Drop Down Wizard 9.97
19 S-E1 Easy Ebook Creator  19.97
20 S-E2 Easy Resell Plus  37.00
21 S-E3 Easy Site Submitter  9.97
22 S-E4 Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter  9.97
23 S-E5 Ezine mailer 9.97
24 S-E6 Ezy Java PopUps 9.97
25 S-E7 Ezy Unzip 9.97
26 S-E8 Ezy Zip Utility 9.97
27 S-E9 Ebook Creator Toolkit 1.0 19.97
28 S-F1 Fast Selling Software v1.0  24.95
29 S-F2 Filter Buster Software v1.0  29.00
30 S-F3 Find Lost Money  19.95
31 S-F4 FAQ Factory  16.95
32 S-F5 File Destroyer 9.97
33 S-F6 File Splitter 9.97
34 S-G1 Group Mail It 34.95
35 S-H1 HTML Compressor  9.97
36 S-H2 HTML Encryptor 9.97
37 S-H3 HTML Fast Track 101 29.95
38 S-I1 Instant Affiliate Link Masker  34.97
39 S-I2 Instant Bookmark 19.97
40 S-I3 Instant E-Mail Scramble  34.97
41 S-I4 Instant Meta maker  34.97
42 S-I5 Instant Site Maker  34.97
43 S-I6 Instant Site Safe and Folder Safe  34.97
44 S-I7 Instant Meta-Tag Creator  27.00
45 S-I8 Instant Software Profits (package software) 47.00
46 S-I9 IE Blaster 9.97
47 S-I10 Instant Notification 9.97
48 S-I11 IP Ad Web Sender 9.97
49 S-I12 IP Blocker 9.97
50 S-J1 Java Source Machine II/Java Script II 9.97
51 S-J2 Java Script Compressor 9.97
52 S-J3 Java Script Pro-sofwarepak 34.97
53 S-K1 Key Key 2000 12.95
54 S-L1 Link Check Generator  37.00
55 S-L2 Link Evaluator 35.00
56 S-M1 Marquee Magic 16.95
57 S-M2 Message Maker  16.95
58 S-M3 Magic Subscriber 67.00
59 S-M4 Millionaire Maker 17.00
60 S-M5 MRU Wizard 9.97
61 S-N1 Name Branding Syndicator 19.97
62 S-P1 Pure Profit Software (package software) 37.00
63 S-P2 People Finder -softwarepak 9.97
64 S-P3 PopKiller v1.38  9.97
65 S-P4 Paylock Generator Pro & Standand 34.95
66 S-P5 Popup Power & Hit Exchanges Combo 27.95
67 S-P6 Profitable Script in a Box 34.95
68 S-P7 Password Saver 9.97
69 S-P8 Payment Linker 9.97
70 S-P9 Picture Gallery Maker 9.97
71 S-P10 Picture Perfect 9.97
72 S-P11 Popup Zapper 9.97
73 S-P12 PopUP Window Creator 9.97
74 S-R1 Redirect Boss 34.95
75 S-S1 Super Search -softwarepak  34.95
76 S-S2 Softwarepak HTML Editor  9.97
77 S-S3 Secret PopUp Maker 9.97
78 S-S4 Screen Shoot It 9.97
79 S-S5 Smoking Fast HTML Remover 9.97
80 S-T1 Thumb Nail It 14.95
81 S-T2 Traffic Generating Script 17.97
82 S-T3 Table Wizard 14.95
83 S-T4 Traffic Boost/Traffic Wizard 14.95
84 S-T5 Traffic Plus Software 15.97
85 S-U1 Ultimate Ad Tracker Tool 2.1 25.00
86 S-V1 Vendomatic  34.95
87 S-W1 Web Radar 9.97
88 S-W2 WebSite Toll Booth 9.97
89 S-W3 WebStats 34.95
90 S-Y1 Your Encryption Site 29.95


SPECIAL OFFER  $4700  Webmaster EBOOKS Package !     ($4700 commercial resell value!)

You will be getting the following Commercial
$4700 Ebooks & Web Templates
in your 4-CD Set

All e-books here are with Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights.
 No Give-a-way or Free e-books !


'21 Success Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires'
*Audio Version*  by Brian Tracy.

The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires
The common principles and practices of all men and women who become millionaires in one generation.

Retail value: $19.95

'50 E-zine Publishers Interviewed by Dirk Dupon.

Contains interviews with 50 famous E-zine or Newsletter Publishers, who all have at least 1,000 subscribers -some of them have 
 over 100,000 subscribers!
All these people reveal how they sign up new subscribers, and explain which tools and 
proven methods they use to save time maintaining their publishing tasks.

Retail value: $9.97

20 Dreamweaver HTML Templates.

Retail value: $9.97

'7 love & Sex & Dating Ebooks.

1) How to be Successful with Women
2) Coping with a small penis
3) How to give any women Orgasms
4) How to make sex last longer
5) Great tip for dating success
6) Making Cash with your own dating website
7) Guide to online dating

Retail value: $35.00

'99 Websites You Should Have Bookmarked... But Probably Don't plus  8 Tips every online business owner needs to read by Ryan Deiss.

These "99 Websites" appeared as SiteSightings in my "Webs Worth Watching" Newsletter. In case you don't know, a SiteSighting is any website that provides REAL VALUE to online business owners. website no included.

Retail value: $14.97

100+ Web page Templates + 99 Banners

Websites In a Box...
What you get is 100+ good looking Professional Web page templates...WITH FULL RESELL RIGHTS...

Retail value: $9.97

325 Flash Auctions  by authorized distributor.com

EZ TO USE. Get more bids! Add Flash to your Auctions.
Over 325 Designs!

Retail value: $14.95

400 Hot Selling Website Plus 100+ Banners

Package includes =100+ eCommerce Website Templates
& 100+ Banners for advertising + 100 logos

We have pre-built websites already to use. You can also build your own with the templates supplied.
42 have been built already for you. You also have 8 different types of websites which can be pasted into templates which would give you a total of 600.

Travel Sites = Bahama/Orlando Packages
Health Sites = Metabosafe/Viag-Erex
Web Template Sites =over 100 templates

Promotion sites = Popunder traffic/popover traffic
Retail value: $37.00

597 Business Letters - A complete letter library

597 Ready To Use Sales Letters and Business Forms .

With the 597 Business Letters Library you will never be at a loss for words. This easy to use collection provides you with almost any type of business letter you can imagine. Just select the document you need and change the names and address to suit your needs.

Retail value: $34.95

650 Ebay Auction HTML Templates with HTML Editor Software.

Welcome to the NEW way to develop HTML auctions!  We have been hard at work developing some pretty intense templates for you to use in all different types of auctions. 

Retail value: $19.97

Autoresponder Magic by Yanik Silver.  

Email autoresponders work like a fax-on-demand system. Maybe you've seen the systems where you call from your fax machine and dial a certain code and you'll get back a document in your fax machine? Well, an email autoresponder works the same way. If you send an email to an autoresponder address you'll get back a prewritten message.

Retail value: $17.00

Achieving Lift Off by Allan Wilson.

How To Make Your Own Ebooks Take The Short-Cut To Success With Reprint Rights  Maximize Your Profits From Affiliate Programs How To Create Your Own Website  Two Horror Stories About Webhosting and How You Can Avoid Them  Discover How Easy It Is To Have A Third Party Merchant Account  You Must Use Pay Per Click Search Engines You Must Build An Email List and Follow Up Your Contacts You Must Have Good Customer Service  Free Traffic Generators To Get You Started  How To Learn More About Internet Marketing  Action Plan If You Are Completely New  Action Plan For The More Experienced  We Present a Summary of All The Expert Advice.

Retail value: $27.00

Automatic Money by Dustin Struckman.

Discover How You Can Earn Piles of Cash 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week - Even While You Sleep
For just $24.77 USD you'll get the Best Automation Manual Ever Written. Plus you can Resell this Course and Keep 100% of the Profits!

Retail value: $24.77

Auction Explosion by Maria Vowell.

I'm going to show you how you can make $400.00 to $1,200.00 dollars per week by creating and selling books you've written on ebay and Yahoo, the giants of on-line auctions. These are easy goals to obtain following my secret techniques.
And don't worry; you don't have to be a professional author in order to write a book. It's easy to do and I'm going to show you how!

Retail value: $ 17.00

Absolute Beginners Guide To CGI by Radhika Venkata.

Literally takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-step through the mysterious land of scripting.  And, it is written in a style that guarantees understanding by any novice.

What is CGI and how does it work
What is a cgi-bin?  What to look for when buying a scri
How to install a cgi script   Where to find scripts
What is Perl   What are file permissions

Retail value: $ 17.00

Black Belt Web Marketing by EM Publishing.

A Step-by-Step Daily Action Plan To Turbo Charge Your Web Business. Here's what's covered in Black Belt Web Marketing...
Lesson 1 – Developing a Plan for Increasing Web Traffic. 
Lesson 2 – Registering Your Web Site
Lesson 3 – Announcing Your Web Event 
Lesson 4 – Increasing Web Traffic with Classified Ads 
Lesson 5 – Populating the Internet with Links to Your Site 
Lesson 6 – Developing a Database of Content-Rich Resources
Lesson 7 – Participating in Internet Discussion Groups 
Lesson 8 – Using Email to Generate Web Traffic 
Lesson 9 – Publicizing Your Event to the Media 
Lesson 10 – Advertising Online 
Lesson 11 – Achieving Long Term Success 
Appendix A – Glossary of Terms 
Appendix B – Additional Resources 
Appendix C – Media List and Site Reviewers 
Appendix D – Search Tips 
Appendix E – Extra Exercise Forms 

Appendix F – Web Traffic Idea Generator 
Appendix G – Web Traffic Plan Presentation

Retail value: $37.00

Be Your Own Boss

"Be Your Own Boss" is an ebook about inventing your own successful home-based business based on your own individual strengths and your passion. It covers over 80 topics related to growing your home-based business online.
I have integrated" Be Your Own Boss" into an archive of almost 2,000 articles written by well known, full time Internet marketing professionals. In addition, I included access to over 60 months archives to the Internet Marketing Newsletter.

Retail value: $29.95

Create Instant PDF by June Yeap

Welcome to "Create Instant PDF" - A Complete List of Over 23 Free To Nearly Free Tools that Let You Create PDF eBooks Almost Instantly!
still No PDF Download Option For Your Customers Because Your Brain Just Shrivels Up When You Try To Buy/Use Adobe Acrobat software?
Now, You Can Point And Click Your Way To Instant, Hassle-Free PDF Publishing ... Using One of The 23 Free To Nearly Free Tools!

Retail value: $17.00

Don Lapre Info Reports by Cash.In Net.

You have before you, a few of the reports that Don Lapre sells on TV that helped make him a millionaire! Will you be the next self made millionaire? Only time will tell but you are one step closer with these reports!

Retail value: $14.95

Extreme Package 3.0 Success Kit For Auction. by Garrie Wilson. (package ebooks)

The greatest package consisting of some of the best ebooks on auctions with complete resell rights. A total value of over $130.00...
Consisting of the following book titles:

Retail value: $24.95


This ebook will show you how to sell on ebay, when to sell on ebay, tricks to sell on ebay, advertise your website for free on ebay, creating professional auctions on ebay and on and on and on! without website.

Retail value: $29.95

Ezine Success! by Steven Schwartzman.

Discover *exactly* how YOU can use my closely guarded techniques to cash in on the most effective eZine advertising ever invented!  

I'll show you *Step-By-Step* how to produce at least 5 times the results that you would from conventional eZine advertising!

Retail value: $19.95

Ezine Blaster -Advertise FREE to over 180,000 every week! (package ebooks) by Paul Knapp.

Step by step, you'll build a complete network of FREE TARGETED ADVERTISING that will explode the Internet Sales of any product AND we give you FULL RESELL rights to the most In-Demand product on the Internet today! OUR SYSTEM IS FOOLPROOF!

Retail value: $24.95

Free To Sell 5.03/ 6.02 (2000-2002) by Tom Hua.
(6000+  ebooks-package)
complete with sales letter website for 28 ebooks

Retail value: $ 49.97

Gary Shawkey's Secrets by Gray & Gavin.

Let Gary Shawkey and His Number One Student Brian Garvin Take You By The Hand and Show You Every Secret Brian Uses To Make Over $15,000 Monthly From Affiliate Programs.

Retail value: $ 29.95

HTML Code Guard by Bogdan Ravaru.

How To Surround Your HTML Code With Barb-Wire And Double Your Affiliate Profits. Would You Trust A US Navy Guard To Watch Over Your Email Address, Affiliate Links And Thank-You Pages? What it does is keep your website and your profits safe from Internet pickpockets!

Retail value: $37.00

How to Win the War of Internet Marketing by Pryor & Fox.

You will discover how to easily create the life you desire in less than 1 year. You get every tip and trick we use ourselves to create $20,000+ each and every month! You will learn exactly what to do to succeed using this simple step by step guide from sourcing a product to launching your own company on the web.

Retail value: $ 17.00

Hit the Net Running by Ricky Allen

Discover The Secret Of How You Can Start Your Own Low Cost High Quality Internet Business Quickly And Easily

Learn How You Can Be Up And Running And Making Money 48 Hours From Now

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If I Can... Anybody Can' by Gray Shawkey with P.J Russell.

The incredible story of one man's struggle to succeed
and what it takes to turn personal dreams into reality.

Gary Shawkey has helped thousands of people conquer their fears, master the art of making the right choices in life, and create successful businesses. Having overcome personal tragedy and loss, Mr. Shawkey has been inducted into the "Who's Who of Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs."

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Inside the Minds Of Winners - Volume 2 by Charles Burke.

"Successful people are really luckier". Nine in-depth interviews with winners, straight answers to blunt questions, how winners manage their minds. (without website)

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Info Product Marketing Secrets Exposed!
Louis Allport.

"Finally -- Five Top Marketers Reveal Exactly How To Make
At Least $10,000 In Profits Every Single Month Selling Information Online ... 100% Guaranteed!"

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Killer Mini Sites by Alpha del Bosque.
(Master resell rights)

This brand new report shows you the exact step by step techniques used by internet marketing experts to create mini-sites that sells and sells.
1) The secret formula for creating killer mini-sites
2) How to write irresistible copy for your mini-site
3) Creating your own info product to sell
4) Selling other people's products
5) Where to host your mini-sites and get the best bang for the buck
6) The 5 foolproof strategies to promote your mini-sites
7) Master strategies and twists the pro's use and my exclusive mini-site swipe file that you can use to model their success!

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Money Making Flashy Designs in a Box (Volume 1) by Tess Rupprecht. Banners and Intro (Volume 1).

114 beautifully flash design templates which you can use as banners, intros, buttons in any of your web pages or auction pages. 
99 Banners- This is a massive collection of other standard graphics which can be used as buttons or just plain banners! (without website)

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Mega-Wealth Audio Library! by Shel Swartz

Nationally acclaimed Mail Order expert and magazine columnist Shel Swartz becomes your mentor in this exciting series of informational tapes.

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MLM Secrets Brain Garvin's by Louis Allport.

How to Retire In 5 years Or less with Online Network Marketing.

How To Make (At Least) $30,000 In
Residual Income Every Single Month With Online Network Marketing

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Over  47,200 Targeted Hits for FREE! by Micheal Hopkins.

PPC's are, without doubt, the most reliable method available to webmaster for generating high-quality, targeted traffic. They're also very cost -efficient.

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Reprint Rights Magic by Allan Wilson. (master resell)

Why is it that some people seem to be able to almost profit at will from products with resell rights while others struggle to even make their first sale?

...because the marketers 'in the know' are implementing the proven strategies outlined in the Reprint Rights Magic course while the newbies are left floundering in a sea of misinformation...

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Super Affilate Secrets Exposed!" - 10 Proven Steps To Making At Least $2,000 In Affiliate Commissons Every Single Month (Audio Version) by Louis Allport.

"Who Else Wants To Make At Least $2,000 In Affiliate Commissions Every Single Month?"

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Traffic Mob

You will learn about the Bad Guys who sell the Traffic:
These are the companies that are just after making your counters go crazy. These guys can only send you "Ghost" hits.....if you get "Ghost" hits nobody views your page thus, leaving you with no sales but one heck of an increase in hits! Big Deal! You need the sales.

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TS Traffic Machine by Simon Vause.

The key to the success of any web site is traffic. But not only any traffic. True success comes from bringing people to your site who are actually interested in what you have to offer. 
How would you like a cast iron solution that exploits a proven free traffic generator? A way that sends a constant stream of traffic to your site day in day out, totally automatically! All you have to do is spend a few hours cranking up the TS Traffic Machine and let it go.

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The Perpetual Traffic Generator  by Jo Han and Alex.

In Fact, I’ll Show You How The Perpetual Traffic Generator™ Can Automatically Send Your 800 or More Visitors In An Hour To Your Website Without You Lifting a Finger, 100% Guaranteed!

An Open Letter To Every Net Marketer Frustrated By Trying To Increase Their Traffic, Grow Their Business, Put More Money In Their Pocket… And Going Nowhere!

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The Embarrassingly Simple Way I Grabbed The #1 Position on Yahoo, Google and AOL for Free..
by Mark Idzik.

Using a Simple Technique That Takes Just 10 Minutes To Complete.

I wasn't trying to get a "top" search engine position. Truth is, I just wanted to sell more of my new software, Affiliate Profit Guard. So I created several affiliate link pages of my own to demonstrate how it worked.
What happened next shocked me.
Let me explain.

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Ultimate eBusiness Compilation. (package ebooks)

Over 200 Ebooks...All with royalty free Resale or Distribution Rights, written by the Top "Gurus" on the Net today. 
Plus...The Ultimate eLibrary  - with over 6000 more eBooks, reports, software apps, web tools and other resources

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Virtual eBiz - $72,506.04 a year without a product.

Discover how to get your own products to sell
Secret Traffic (Get 30,000 visitors a month)
How to Get your visitors card card out
Insider Secrets to losing The Competition
Who Should believe
Get Paid $1197 for one easy sale
How to Win the PPC Wars
Finding programs that can put cash in the bank.

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"Virtual Library" by Affordable Internet Solutions.
(package ebooks)

Over 2000+ ebooks, reports, programs, resources.
Inside the Virtual Library you will find thousands of ebooks, programs, reports and resources to find even more!

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Example of Titles
21 Success Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires (Audio)
50 E-zine Publishers Interviewed
20 Dreamweaver HTML Templates
64 Recipes for your Body and Bath
7 love & Sex & Dating ebooks
99 Websites You should have bookmarked.. but probably don't plus 8 tips
100+ Webpage Template + 99 Banners
325 Flash Auctions
400 Hot selling website plus 100+ banners
597 business letters
650 ebay auction html templates with html editor software. 
1475 Ultimate recipes collection (desert, soup, kid craft, stew)
1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips 
2000 Recipes for entertaining & Fun
5000 Recipes
300+ Pro HTML Webtemplates  
A Cheap and Easy Guide To Self-publishing ebooks. 
Autoresponder Magic
Achieving Lift Off 
Automatic Money
Auction Explosion
Absolute Beginners Guide to CGI 
Autopilot Income Streams
Black Belt Web Marketing
Be Your Own Boss
Create Instant PDF
Celebrity Autographs for FREE
Cashflow eBusiness E-book
Credit Secrets 2002 Reseller Package (FTS 6.0)
Casino 2003 -Beat the Casino Online
Classified Ad Secrets 2002 Reseller Package (FTS 6.0)
Classic ebooks -21 titles
Diane Huges Secrets To An Ezine Empire
Down & Dirty Guide
Don Lapre Info Reports
Ebay Extreme Package 3.0
Ebay Entrepreneur
Ebay Secrets! Jim Wilson (Ebay Extreme 3.0)
Ebay Marketing Secrets 2002 Reseller Package 
Ebay Marketing eCourse 
Ebook Cover Tutorial
Ebook Cover Gallery
Ebook cover templates 
Ezine Ad Profits
Ezine Resource Guide v1.0
Ezine Success!
Ebook Monster Package (17ebooks)
Email Marketing Strategies 
Ezine Blaster
Ezine Ad Solutions 2002
Ebook Authors Interviewed
Ebook Creation Tool Kit
Eye Popping PopUps templates/ebook
Free To Sell 5.03/6.02 (2000-2001) (package 6000 ebooks)
Free eZine Ad System (FTS 6.0)
Fast Site 55 + 13 Professional Templates
Gary Shawkey's Secrets
Get FrontPage Express
Get Web Profits Fast
HTML Code Guard (HPS)
HTML Security Report (HPS)
How To Get Celebrity Autographs
How to Win the War of Internet Marketing
Hit the Net Running
How to Outsell Other Resellers and Become a Super Affiliate
How To Get Reprint Rights To Products Without Spending A Dime!
How I got 1,124 Subscribers In One Week from Scratch
How to build HTML
How to skyrocket your profits with proven pricing secrets!
Instant Internet Empires
Internet Cash Machines 
Internet Profits The Quick Way (version II)
Internet X-Factor
Internet Marketing Secrets Unleashed.
INet Success 
If I can.. Anybody Can
Instant Boost
Inside the Minds Of Winners
Info Product Marketing Secrets Exposed! 
Instant Web Master Video Set (Video version) 
JavaScript Magic 
Killer Mini Sites (Master resell rights)
Living off the Net 
Make Ezine Advertising Pay
Million Dollar Emails 
Millionaire Marketing 
Millennium Info Reports!
Money Making Flashy Designs in a Box (vol.1)
Mega-Wealth Audio Library 
MLM Secrets 
Marketing Miracle
Novelty Recipes 
Over 47,200 Targeted Hits for FREE
Opt-In Secrets Your cash course to build a killer list! 
Online Information Publishing Success Story
Pay-Per-Click Commando
PayPal Money Making Safelist Script 
Profit pulling reports v.1
Profit pulling ebooks
Press Release O Matic
Project 21 -The Wealth Creation Program (12 volume manuals)
Pay per text marketing
Profit Pulling Report 2
100 Instant PDF Templates
Reprint Rights Magic
Ron LeGrand-Real Estate Investment ebook 
Sell Wholesale goods & Website on eBay
Self Publishing at the Speed of Thought
Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed!-10 Proven Steps To Making At Least $2000 
Secret eBay Marketing -"How To Quickly And Easily Turn An Hour A Day..
Sequential  Magic
Traffic Mob
The Official Ebook Sales Guide 3.0 
TS Traffic Machine
The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Web Site 
The Internet Marketers Secret Guide 
The Ultimate List of SafeList (over 4000 Opt in Safelist + report)
The Ultimate 6000 eLibrary 
Traffic Virus 3.0
The Perpetual Traffic Generator 
The Greatest Marketing Secrets of the Ages
The Embarrassingly Simple Way I Grabbed The #1 Position on Yahoo..
The Great Ezine Experiment
Turn Browser Into Buyers
Ultimate eBusiness Compilation (200+ package ebooks) 
Ultra Template 2.0
UK-Traders UK Wholesale guide 
Ultra Template 1.0
Virtual eBiz -$72,506.04 a year without a product
Virtual Library (2000+ package ebooks)
Web Site for Sale Secrets!
Working with Clickbank 2.0 
Wholesale sources 2002 Reseller Package 
Wake Em Up!
Web Marketing Explained
Wildly Successful

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Quality Information Products
with Full Resell Rights (value over $570.00 !) 



100 Fully complete & ready to edit Flash Websites in FLA Format

100 complete & ready to edit  Flash Intros in FLA Format

100 complete & ready to edit Pieces of "eye candy" really cool flash effects and animations in FLA Format

100 complete & ready to edit  Flash Menus in FLA Format

100 complete & ready to edit  Flash Sound Loops & Sound FX Format

100 complete & ready to edit  Flash "Special Effects" in FLA Format

100 complete & ready to edit  Flash Banners in FLA Format

125 complete & ready to edit  Flash PreLoaders in FLA Format

100 complete & ready to edit  Flash Mouse Trailers in FLA Format

100 complete & ready to edit  Flash Forms (Chat Rooms, Guestbooks) FLA Format

25 complete & ready to edit  Flash Animated Backgrounds in FLA Format

In total this MASSIVE MEGA Collection contains
over 2000 MB+ of files
on this 4-CD set!!!

Shipping and Handling Rate ($6.00 per CD)

$6.00 x 4 CD's = $24.00

Professionally Packaged
and Shipped Worldwide

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